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Why The FLIR One Pro Gen 3 Thermal Camera Is Impressing

If you are interested in the technical aspects of thermal imaging cameras, one of the first things you will notice is that these are low-resolution cameras. A cheap conventional thermal imaging camera may not be suitable for specific professional applications. For years, FLIR has been dominating the market of thermal imaging cameras. In this post, we are going to discuss some amazing features of FLIR One Pro Gen 3 Thermal Camera.


The thermal camera in discussion is a slightly updated version of its predecessor—Flir One. With sharper angles and chunky black body, it looks very much like professional imaging equipment. You can very easily attach this camera to your smartphone.

You can choose the version of Lightning, micro USB or USB-C. It can be used with any phone case, because the flash can be extended an extra 0.3 inches.

A good thing about FLIR One Pro Gen 3 Thermal Camera is that it has its own internal battery. So you have to keep the camera charged. The company claims that the camera can capture thermal images for up to an hour. One of the best components of this device is a 160-by-120-resolution sensor. It precisely measures the level of heat.


In order to use the Flir One Pro, you must install the free Flir One App on your Android or iOS smartphone. Once you have installed the app, it is very easy to turn the camera on and get thermal readings.

The thermal core of the Flir One Pro has a higher resolution, and it can capture vague shapes and broad blotches. Thanks to its MSX image processing, thermal image is combined with the detailed view of your usual camera. The contours of objects are analysed minutely.

Imaging options

You can switch the MSX view to just visual or thermal views. It can be done just by tapping on the menu. There are 9 different colour palettes, and you can choose any of them. The orange palette is the default one.

There are other colour gamuts, which provide thermal readings. The hot parts are highlighted as red and the cold parts are highlighted as blue.

But the thermal readings do not require you to know what the colours mean. You can directly use the IR scale that shows the maximum and minimum temperatures that have been detected. The temperature ranges can be adjusted just by dragging the extremes up and down. Based on the temperatures, the gamuts are automatically adjusted. But you can lock the range if you need to.

There is also a crosshair button that can be used to get precise temperature measurements. The measured temperatures can be detected based on a rectangular space, a circle, or a single spot.

Please note that the number is not always precise, because the measurement of heat depends to some extent on the distance between your camera and the object. You can use the app to capture not only photos and videos but also time-lapse recordings. They are saved at 1440/1080 resolution. You can adjust a picture before or after it is taken.

Higher resolution

This is perhaps the main advantage of using FLIR One Pro Gen 3 Thermal Camera. The previous versions of Flir thermal imaging cameras did not have such high resolution. These extra pixels make your photos clearer, making cold and hot spots more distinct, showing more thermal details. In terms of quality and usability, FLIR One Pro Gen 3 is far better than previous versions. The price point also makes the FLIR One Pro Gen 3 a very affordable option, take a look at the price found here and you will see that the quality offered by the FLIR One Pro at this price point is nothing short of excellent.

These features are just to show you how amazing this thermal imaging camera is. Once you start using the camera, you will discover other features and fall in love with them. If you are looking for a thermal imaging camera, you can choose FLIR One Pro Gen 3. It will not disappoint you.